Suerteksa primary specializes in steelwork services: fitting and welding for the shipyards and steel construction companies. Including offshore-wind segment.

Contracts can be made on lumpsum or hourly basis as convenient to the customer. Our team can work totally independent : managed by English speaking foreman, equipped with own welding equipment and tools, safety closes and PPE. We take care of mobilization and lodging to minimize customer involvement.

All fitters have wide experience working in the company 10 years and above. All welders are certified to one of IACS Classification Societies and are raising their skills on regular basis. Majority of welders have more then 10 years experience and have 2G, 3G and 4G positions as minimum. Some welders are certified for 6G position as well. Welders primareiy are using semiautomatic machines (procedure 136), but also able to weld with stick / electrode (procedure 111) if nesessary. There are also wedlers certified for TIG (procedure 141) manual welding of mild or stainless steel.